Peltor Tactical The Right Fit?

It’s no secret that our hearing is one of the most important senses and once it is gone it’s not coming back and that’s a given.

But a common human trait is to forget that fact and ignore the noisy sounds we’re exposed to.

When in the indoor shooting range its paramount to protect your hearing and the peltor tactical fits the bill perfectly.

These range of headsets include: the peltor tactical 6s and peltor tactical 7s just to name two and provide some of the following features:

  • Exceptional noise reduction rating of 24 dB

  • Distortion-free application of low level sounds up to 25 dB.

  • Electronically suppressing hazardous sounds to 82 dBA within two milliseconds

Peltor Tactical

peltor tactical headsets provide superior hearing protection for peltor tactical enthusiasts and have two common properties: stainless steel headbands with liquid foam ear cushions and ergonomically designed touchpads with an audio jack for radio connections.